Being a bookworm – Reading doesn’t waste time, it makes it


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Been lucky enough to be staying at a friends apartment for a few nights, and have been feeling very French tapping away on my laptop and sipping red wine from the windowsill.

Travel Plans: My week in Spain was amazing. I was staying with a big French family who made me feel right at home (in fact, the same family who gave me keys to their apartment above – good friends to have) and spent time on the beach, on a boat, and of course, in a bar.


Reading will not waste your time, it will optimise it

After a couple of people have asked, I decided it is time to list a few of my favourite books and resources that I personally have used to keep up motivation, to become inspired, and to also keep my skills up to date.

When you are in the midst of trying to create a new business (or in a busy stage of life in general), sometimes you fall into the trap of telling yourself “I have no time to read”.

However, in my opinion, reading is probably one the of the best ways to keep up positivity and reignite motivation in order to increase your productivity and output as a whole.

Aside from this, reading, whether you are reading entrepreneurial books, blogs, or even fiction, will often be important in allowing you to realise there are multiple directions in which you can take your business. It is not uncommon for us to have a set plan and to be hesitant to depart from it for a number of reasons. Reading can really help to highlight the huge amount of ways to go about achieving the same goal.


The Power Of Starting Something Stupid – Richie Norton 

After purchasing this book Mumbai Airport in 2015, I was doing market research into ‘henna tattoos’ at the Singapore airport stopover just a few hours later to create what would become ‘Namaste Collective’. The book literally got me so excited that it was able to pull a concept from the back of my brain to the ‘start now’ phase in the course of a simple plane trip.

I remember being in total awe of some of the stories, constantly reading them aloud to Samara as she tried to sleep.

It is a simple book, and it does sometimes come across a little overly optimistic, but it is a great motivation booster nonetheless, and features some really nice success stories, all of which started with ‘something stupid’.

4 Hour Work Week – Tim Ferris

The common cliché line you hear from across the other side of the hipster café: “Ahh yeah, you read 4 Hour Work Week?”.  As much as it can be cringe-worthy to hear this in the distance, it does deserve the mention nonetheless.

I have recommended this book to at least 20 people this year. I am currently reading it for the 3rd time to ensure I am actually applying principles discussed. Tim Ferris is a genius.

Whether you’re looking to start a business or simply to free more time in your life to live the way you desire, this is the biggest kick in the arse you could ask for.

It’s a small read – just buy it, let me know when you’re done, and if you don’t actually get anything from it, I will send you a product for free. (Promise I’m not getting commission for this, the book is a best seller as it is).

Once you have finished this, move onto Tim Ferris’s ‘Tools of Titans. Here, Ferris summarises the best of his podcasts, discussing everything from productive use of psychedelics to enhance creativity and free mental blocks (you’d be surprised the amount of Nobel Prize winners that admit to this), to morning routines and embracing anthropology.

I’ve personally taken up a number of ‘daily habits and routines’ from suggestions in this book including journaling to help problem solve and make important decisions, and also various ‘mediation’ techniques (don’t worry dad, it’s not as hippy as it sounds).

Magic of Thinking Big – David J Schwartz

I came across this after a number of guests on Tim Ferris’ podcasts recommended it. As many will agree, the first few chapters are the most important.

The book is really important in reminding you that those billionaires, CEOs and tech entrepreneurs are simply people, just like you. It breaks down the dangerous thought stream of ‘I couldn’t do that because I am not as smart, as talented or as creative as they are.’

Whenever I am feeling like I am slowly starting to lose that drive, and whenever I start to doubt myself, the first two chapters are good to pull me back on my feet and get the ball rolling again.

Slumps are common in your venture, especially if you are embarking on it alone. Knowing you have these little motivational boosters on hand can be very important as to not allow the minor slump to turn fatal.


Shantaram – Gregory David Roberts

This book is not business related in any sense. It is also (allegedly) part fiction. Nonetheless, I am currently reading it, and I couldn’t allow myself to not recommend it.

In my one sentence synopsis: An Australian ex heroin addict / bank robber escapes prison, flees to Mumbai, India, and recounts his experiences throughout his 10 year journey there. I especially recommend this to anyone who has any interest in India.

You sometimes need to put away that business mind when you need some sleep (and you do need sleep, sometimes), so reading fiction and some philosophical stuff can be a really good way to do this.

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JadeStart Consulting

A personal friend and a very smart and motivated person, Jade sets out some of the most important steps in starting your own business in a simple and easy to follow form. She has a broad knowledge in a number of fields, and can be really useful resource for you whether the business you are starting is a flower stall at a local Sunday market, or a high-tech software company.

More importantly, Jade is always happy to talk to you personally, and is able to keep up your motivation and drive throughout your entire journey. She has a special skill in listening to you, your needs and your goals, and breaking them down into step-by-step action plans which takes everything into account from budget, to time and resources.

Get in touch with her at anytime!

Shopify Blog 

Subcribe to this for specialised, short and succinct blogs on everything Ecommerce. From personal success stories to technical guides on topics from Google Adwords advertising, the blogs break it down and keep your skills up to date. Keep in mind that in the world of ecommerce, you never know it all. Take every bit of free information that you can, and try to actually apply that information as soon as you can.

Entrepreneur blog

Last but not least, a good way to kill some time while gaining motivation and discovering new principles to follow. Lots of motivating and inspiring content for those ‘starting small’ entrepreneurs like myself.

Alors, c’est ca

There are plentyyyy more useful books and resources that I could have mentioned, but hey, I did say it would be a short read, so maybe there can be a ‘Bookworm #2” blog at some point in the future.


Au Revoir


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  1. Nice selection, Tim Ferriss is inspiring – also liked “Four Hour Body”. Check out Bill Bryson “Short History of Nearly Everything” for random useful info to pick up at random whilst travelling (this is on my Kindle and in my bookshelf).

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